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course completion certificate
how do i get my course completion certificate ? is there any online exam for course completion certificate?

R General None min None sec 06-05-20, 1:37 a.m. suhailalphacs


Dear Learner,

Delighted to know that you are interested in knowing about a possible
test and a certificate in the Spoken Tutorial courses.

Our tests are offered "only through colleges" at a nominal cost.  We suggest
that you study using our course material during the COVID-19 lock down.
Our tutorials are created for self learning.  Please use the forum to ask your
doubts, as explained in a video on the course page.

On your return after your college reopens, tests can be arranged in
your colleges.  For more details, please contact your state representative at
- both phone numbers and email addresses are given in this link.

Happy Learning,
Spoken Tutorial Team

06-05-20, 6:58 p.m. kannan

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