saving . . . saved Regarding the error "undefined control sequence. \selectlanguage*{english}" has been deleted. Regarding the error "undefined control sequence. \selectlanguage*{english}" has been hidden .
Regarding the error "undefined control sequence. \selectlanguage*{english}"
I am enrolled for FDP on Latex in collaboration with IITB and SGU, Kolhapur. I have attended the Spoken Tutorial on "Indic Language Typesetting in Latex".
Downloaded the code file and installed the required fonts in my machine. I am using "Texstudio" latest version and Windows 8.1 OS. I am not able to run the said. I am compiling it with XeLatex. I have tried deleting all auxiliary files. Complied twice. Once got the error "undefined control sequence. \begin{document}" and second time "undefined control sequence. \selectlanguage*{english}". Also  <font color="#ff0000">\selectlanguage</font> text is showing in red box in my editor. Please help me out so that I can complete the FDP successfully. Thank you.
I have selected minutes and seconds without knowing the idea behind the selection. Please pardon me if I have made the wrong selection. Your guidance in this direction also will help me to rectify next time.  

LaTeX Indic-Language-Typesetting-in-LaTeX 09-10 min 30-40 sec 02-05-20, 3:55 p.m. Nalawadevv


I am sorry that you have "not followed exactly" what the Spoken Tutorial says.  Until you become an expert, we do not want you to try anything else.

In the Spoken Tutorial, we have asked you to use TeXworks, and to use Xelatex.  Please use this and repeat "exactly" what the Spoken Tutorials demonstrates, and let us know whether you still have any problems.  I am, of course, assuming that you would have done the earlier Spoken Tutorials in the series, so that you will be comfortable about installing TeXworks in Windows, etc.

Why do we want you to post questions as per the exact time?  it is explained in this tutorial:
02-05-20, 7:44 p.m. kannan
Respected Sir,
Thanks for the prompt reply and I apologize for not following as directed. I took the following remedial actions:
Updated MikTex, Opened the file in Texworks, Complied using XeLaTex. Now there is no error about \selectlanguage. But still there is error "Undefined controlsequence. \newfontfamily", "Missing \begin{document}. \newfontfamily". Please reply. Thank you in advance. 
03-05-20, 4:20 p.m. Nalawadevv

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Please make sure that fontspec and polyglossia packages are included. Try placing the commands '\devanagarifont', '\tamilfont', etc., within curly braces as shown below. 

\newfontfamily{\devanagarifont}[Script=Devanagari]{Nirmala UI}
03-05-20, 6:51 p.m. firuza
Thank you once again. I did the same. Put it all in curly braces as per your suggestions very carefully, complied using XeLaTeX. Noe I get a new error "! LaTeX3 Error: The key 'polyglossia/devanagari/hyphenmins' requires a value.".
03-05-20, 8:31 p.m. Nalawadevv

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