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Explanation is not clear about assembly language programming
The explanation about the assembly commands is not clear from this video. The commands are directly used without any explanation about using the said specific binary number. As the same commands & the same number is used again n again its totally confusing. Also as other users pointed out 75-80% users are using windows so its absolutely of no use watching the instructor use Ubunto Linux. The process of using the avr & avrdude s/w also must be quite different for both OS. Kindly share some information about using them on windows. I have liked all the videos uptil now & the instructors were also quite good. But despite knowing assembly language & some arduino programming, this video wasnt much of a knowledge gainer.

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"Assembly programming through Arduino" is the first tutorial in the Intermediate Level. We have specified that basic knowledge of Electronics and Assembly language is required for the intermediate level. Those who have good knowledge of Assembly language programming will be able to follow.

Spoken Tutorial project promotes learning and teaching of various Free/Libre and Open Source Software. So that's why all our tutorials are recorded on Ubuntu Linux OS and not on Windows OS.

Please refer to the below link on how to install AVRA and Avrdude on Windows. (See the third page)

We have given the general instructions for Windows user in the Instruction sheet:

Please read the instruction sheet before proceeding further.

In Windows OS, you have to use the command prompt to execute the avrdude and avra commands.

Hope this helps!!
02-05-20, 3:08 p.m. NirmalaVenkat

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