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Importing Mesh file
Importing mesh file in OpenFOAM - 

Q.1 Enclosure created around the cylinder
,I want to know :Since the cylinder is a solid entity, the enclosure is a surface body or a solid itself?
Next informationi want to know is..... If the enclosure is a solid, then do i have to subtract the cylinder from the enclosure to be able to mesh the area external to the cylinder?
And last queries. I am using SALOME. I used a solid body and a solid enclosure, specified the groups and generated the mesh. Later in the terminal i imported using ideasUnvToFoam and then used blockMesh then checkMesh commands. Till here it is all, the mesh is good, but when running the adjointShapeOptimizationFoam solver it shows FATAL ERROR. And i dont know what to do. Please help. Any suggestion will be helpful.  

Include rectangular and square fin in square cavity
Good afternoon sir,by your videos i have learned many things shall I consider square cavity of length 1.6m.In side the cavity i want to include rectangular fin of length 0.7m X 0.25m.please tell me the idea so that i can do the Practice.what solver to be used ? with out fin i have used buoyant Boussinesq Simple Foam.

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Could you please share the SALOME mesh file (.unv) that you had created along with the case files for which you're running the adjointShapeOptimizationFoam solver? You can send it to Thank you.

03-05-20, 9:57 p.m.

As the physics explained at the beginning of the tutorial, we want to analyze the flow around a cylinder.
To do that only domain is required, the cylinder will be subtracted. If you are doing meshing in SALOME, do subtract operation in the geometry section and then mesh it.

From the information you gave about FATAL ERROR, I can only say that - Mesh refinement is required if that won't work try "renumberMesh -overwrite" command after importing mesh.

Yes, you can modify geometry and study. Please specify which type of flow you want to study? Based on that you can choose solver.
<a href="" target="" title="OpenFoamv7 Guide">OpenFoamv7 Guide</a> - You can check available solvers and its definition on page no. 91
03-05-20, 10:14 p.m. divyesh7

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