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Data Set Merging
In assignment , we are supposed to perform all the functions learnt. We have one iris dataset. How to perform merge()? From where different formats of iris data can be found like xml, txt etc? OR is it available in forum, please provide link to work on assignment.

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For merging, you can split the iris data and then merge. You can open the iris data in the RStudio and save it in different formats. Later, you can use those formats to run your commands. Alternatively, you might want to search for files in different formats over the Internet. 
29-04-20, 11:51 a.m. sudhakarst
29-04-20, 5:38 p.m. RK2020

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Now i will  set data are hosted on different servers and exist in many different files. When the data you need come from multiple sources, it's essential to know how to aggregate them so that you lose as little information as possible and make pairings that actually make sense given the structure of your data.

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