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Need Solution of few problems I faced
This is the first time that I am organizing spoken-tutorial on C and \r\nCpp. I have successfully  uploaded the Master Batch List. However, I have wrongly completed Step2 (Semester Training Planner Form or STPF) twice, and I have to delete one STPF. But, I am seeing no option to delete one of the STPFs. Again, in Step3 (select Participant List), I have to select 19 student participants out of 20 students. But, no check box is appearing in the Master batch List from which I can select only 19 students out of 20.Please suggest me to solve these problems as soon as possible.

C-and-Cpp General None min None sec 25-08-15, 9:44 p.m. souvik5000



Your query has been taken care of as our technical team has removed the duplicate entry online. 
The "Delete" option is not available there as of now, however we will be providing this option in the near future. 

After uploading Master Batch & filling up STP, we have included 3rd process/ step called "Select Participants"
Pls click on it and you can mark/ select the remaining students.

Best Regards,
27-08-15, 11:38 a.m. truptismore

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