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With reference to given answer
1 - Was the student enrolled in that course?
I have enrolled 3 students: student1, student2 and student3
2 - When was the course created?
     If the course was created by you today itself, and if you had kept the default settings for the course, then the 'Course start date' is by default set to the next day. In this case, the course will appear in the students dashboard in the 'Course overview' block-> 'Courses' tab -> 'Future' section and will appear in the 'In progress' (which is the default view in dashboard) section on the next day.
You can check the 'Course start date' in the course settings.
Course start date is 27 april 2020
3 - Course visibility
     Check your course setting for 'Course visibility'. It should be set to 'Show'.
Event course setting course visibility set as 'show'

But still after student login course is not seen

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Here are a few helpful posts -


Also, were you able to see the course name in the Site Home page through the student login?
If yes, was the student able to access it?

Please check and let me know about this.
29-04-20, 9:08 p.m. kashmira.n

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