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Installing Moodle on Windows
I am trying to install Moodle on Windows but after extracting files, I am getting Stop Moodle Application in stead of Start Moodle Application. What can be the reason behind it?

Moodle-Learning-Management-System Getting-Ready-for-Moodle-Installation 04-05 min 30-40 sec 22-04-20, 5:52 p.m. athang


As Moodle is currently running you must first stop it. Go to the folder where you installed Moodle and run 'Stop Moodle'

What is your windows version?

Uninstall and install it again.

Please follow all the steps specified in the below link. We have given the instructions for windows 10.

23-04-20, 2:44 p.m. NirmalaVenkat

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