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Program not compiling/running on TurboC
I was trying to run the "Function with parameters" program displayed at the online video using TurboC(I typed a exactly same program shown in the video). But, it wasn't compiling/running and produced following error,
Error#1 - Function should return a value,
Error#2 - "c" is assigned a value that is never used.
However, it was compiling/running successfully when the same program ran at minGW. Why was it not compiling/running at TurboC? Can i continue use TurboC?

C-and-Cpp Functions 05-06 min 0-10 sec 19-04-20, 8:17 p.m. senthilkp


Please continue to use minGW only.  It is the standard compiler.  Programs that work on minGW will work on linux machines also without any change.  That is not the case with Turbo C compiler.

The reason why a program that works on minGW may not work on Turbo C (and vice versa) is that the default header files may be different.

We are not in a position to answer your questions on Turbo C.
19-04-20, 8:50 p.m. kannan
noted and thanks
20-04-20, 10:40 a.m. senthilkp

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