saving . . . saved tracks and ground has been deleted. tracks and ground has been hidden .
tracks and ground
I have designed a different circuit ,not in spoken tutorial, but i have doubt. I make tracks in that but they dissapear. Even when i make the boundary for ground. that appears in very light pink color instead of green. and when I do fill or refil. the whole things goes and only the foot prints are left and the edge.cuts margin.. It is same as the one before laying tracks. What should i do?

eSim Laying-Tracks-on-PCB 02-03 min 30-40 sec 29-02-20, 5:24 p.m. shubhangim


When you place tracks and they disappear it must be because it is causing a DRC violation. As for ground boundary, it will earlier appear in pink when you are in process of placing the outer border. Once you double click and finish your design, it will turn green automatically. For the ground plane, you must take care that you do not press the escape key when doing this step, else it exits the tool and the plane wont be placed
03-03-20, 2:16 p.m. Saurabhb17

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