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Sir I am not able to compile my talk.c program using gcc in windows 10.
I have written the program in notepad++ and have installed the gcc compiler in D drive in the minGW directory.
on the command prompt when i give the command gcc talk.c -o myoutput then it does not give any error but not even any successful compilation mgs.
Please give the step by step procedure to compile and run the program.

C-and-Cpp First-C-Program 01-02 min 10-20 sec 29-02-20, 4:32 p.m. perminderkaur


If you follow "exactly" what is shown in the Spoken Tutorial, it should work.  Once it works, you can make changes slowly.
19-04-20, 7:51 p.m. kannan

Hi Perminder,

I think it compiled successfully. To execute the program write the command myoutput or myoutput.exe

If it does not work the please follow the below steps:

1. Create a folder on your desktop "Practice".
2. Open Notepad++ and create a first program shown in the video.
3. Goto File -> Save As and save the program under Desktop -> Practice with name as "talk.c" (name of the program file)
4. Open command prompt and give the full path of your "Practice" folder and press enter.
For Example:   cd "C:\Users\User\Desktop\Practice\" 
5. To compile the program, write down below command: 
gcc talk.c -o myoutput
6. To execute the program, write down below command:
7. Output will be shown....

01-05-20, 4:40 p.m. uzairaziz2004

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