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Suggestion for improvement
a lot of the concepts are left unclear in this video.
1)why are you using 7 segment for this tutorial ? You can just start of with simple components like LEDs.
2)You should show actual interfacing process instead of only photograph of it. it will make the circuit more understandable.
3)The videos are too formal or inhuman thing. it should be more like Khan Academy (not in visuals but in the sense of speech).

Please do not get me wrong. I respect your efforts and I love the contents of the video. I just wanted to share my opinions.

Arduino Assembly-programming-through-Arduino 04-05 min 10-20 sec 28-12-19, 8:53 a.m. RupeshKadam


Hello Rupesh,

1) It would be helpful for you to go through the pre-requisite Arduino tutorials.  There are 9 tutorials in the Basic Level which are very well explained with appropriate examples.  "Assembly programming through Arduino" is the first tutorial in the Intermediate Level.  Here we assume that the learner has already gone through the Basic Level tutorials and has a fair idea about how to work with Arduino along with various other electronic components (LEDs, LCDs, 7-segment display, etc.).
2) Since the Basic Level tutorials explain everything in detail, we assume that by the time the learner reaches the Intermediate Level, very detailed explanation on how to create the circuit is not necessary.  

3) We do not wish to imitate Khan Academy or any other online learning content provider.  The narrative style that we have chosen makes translation of our content into Indian languages easier.  At present, we translate and dub our content into 22 Indian languages. We have the largest collection of IT training material in Indian languages as compared to any other website.  So, for example, one can learn Java in 17 Indian languages and 1 International language & one can learn LibreOffice Writer in 15 Indian languages and 3 International languages.  
29-12-19, 1:05 p.m. nancy
Hello Nancy,

1) I have watched all the previous videos. I know the concepts and the circuit well just expressed my opinions. if I didn't had Electronics background then it would be impossible for me to understand the topics of from this video alone.
2) I don't think so, only by watching Basic Level tutorials from this series of lectures learner reaches the intermediate level.
3) I didn't know that the narrative style of these lectures makes translation easier. I haven't think of it.
Thank you for response.

Warm Regards,
29-12-19, 4:28 p.m. RupeshKadam

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