saving . . . saved how to set values forTransformers in oscad schematic has been deleted. how to set values forTransformers in oscad schematic has been hidden .
how to set values forTransformers in oscad schematic
I tried but i cannot set exact value for tranformer 1:2 like that, if any examples using transformer symbols circuit you can sent for me for my project work. i m doing Applied electonics  final year at Dr. M.G.R Edu & Research Institute University Chennai I showing some fatal error to set z0 values i donot know what type  of numbers put  in oscad tool for transformers

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Dear Vijay

Thanks for your query on Transformers. It made me think about including a transformer model in Oscad which, unfortunately, was missing in the earlier version of Oscad. With this, you can now simulate your transformer circuit.
Do the following:
<ol><li>I have attached a file (<a href="" target="_blank"><wbr></wbr></a>) Please copy this file in the folder kicadtoNgspice (You can find this folder inside the main OSCAD folder). You can make a backup of the already existing in this folder.
</li><li>Once you are done with this, create your schematic using the component "transfo" under the "device" library in the schematic editor. Change its reference to U. (It originally has a reference T). To change the reference, right click on it and choose Edit Component--> Reference.
</li><li>Now proceed with the usual Analysis Insertion and Netlist Conversion</li><li>In the Netlist conversion, it asks for the parameters of the transformer. You need to give the number of turns in the primary, secondary and the values for B-H table. If you do not input anything, it takes default values. These parameters are required as I have used the inductor couple-magnetic core model for transformer. To know more about this, I suggest you read the Ngspice manual attached (pg Nos.170 to 174) (</li><li>After inputting the parameters, you can simulate the circuit.</li></ol> I have attached an example project that simulates a step-up transformer. (<a href="" target="_blank"><wbr></wbr></a>) This will help you get started. In the example project, primary turns = 310, secondary turns = 620, so the turns ratio is 1:2. You can see that the ratio of input to output voltage is also 1:2.

Please rename the file to and use.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any issues/queries.

17-02-14, 11:38 a.m. rakhiwarriar

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