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What is the use of "ubuntu-16.04-LTS.ova"?
While in the video you had selected .iso file (which is downloaded) and selected in the Virtual Machine software before installing. Then from the links which you provided for this workshop has "ubuntu-16.04-LTS.ova" , where can this file is used?

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Kindly follow the below steps:

1. Install VirtualBox.

2. After installing the VirtualBox in your computer, kindly follow the below instructions to add the OVA file (Pre-Installed Ubuntu Linux OS v16.04) 
   a. To follow the installation procedure, ensure that you are connected to the internet 
   b. Gototheurl 
   c. Open the VirtualBox Manager 
   d. Go to File menu in the top menu bar 
   e. Then select Import Appliance 
   f. IntheImport Virtual Appliancewindow,browseandselectthedownloadedubuntu-16.04-LTS.ova file 
  g. Then click on Next at the bottom of the Import Virtual Appliance window 
  h. It will take you to the Appliance settings page 
   i. If you wish to change any settings, you can do the same here 
   j. Then click on Import at the bottom of the Appliance settings page 
  k. The importing may take some time

3. To launch the Ubuntu Linux OS v16.04, on the left panel select the virtual machine named Ubuntu or Ubuntu-16.04-LTS 
4. Then click on the green color Start button at the top of the VirtualBox Manager 
5. Log-in credentials: Username: spoken Password: spoken
03-08-19, 12:54 p.m. pravin1389
Thank you for your detailed step-by-step procedure... Sir...
05-08-19, 9:10 a.m. R_Anil

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