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What do we mean by depth of recursion & how can we count the depth of each recursion?

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Depth of recursion: Number of times a function is called recursively. 

Example: Consider a program to compute the factorial of a number using a recursion. When given a large input, the program crashed and gives a "maximum recursion of depth exceeded error".

# A simple recursive function 
# to compute the factorial of a number 
def fact(n): 
    if(n == 0): 
        return 1
    return n * fact(n - 1) 
if __name__ == '__main__': 
    # taking input 
    f = int(input('Enter the number: \n')) 

 You can check the recursion limit with sys.getrecursionlimitand change the recursion limit with sys.setrecursionlimitbut doing so is dangerous. The standard limit is a little conservative, but Python stackframes can be quite big.
18-04-20, 12:34 a.m. iakashchavan

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