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Open source for school Students
In all schools mostly from class 2 onwards, Windows and MS office is taught to students, making them aware and user friendly to Microsoft products from childhood, as part of curriculum. Today majority of graduates or collegians are reluctant to learn Linux or other open source, as they are used to MS Win / MS Office everywhere. Majority of our staff is reluctant to use Open source software, due to several practical issues.

Even Govt. aided course MS CIT run by thousands of classes across Maharashtra under MKCL teaches MS products, and its certificate is must in most Govt. organizations for employment.

Hardly any school or such classes promote or teach FOSS.

Why can't FOSS - Linux and Libre/Open office at least, taught in schools, to teachers and students as well as introduced as part of curriculum or on MKCL run courses, so that in coming years, students are already literate on FOSS.

This is not a question, but more of a suggestion from my side. Thanks.

Linux General None min None sec 16-02-15, 1:17 p.m. vinodagrawal


Thank you for your suggestion.

The Project has a "Train the Teachers" programme, wherein we train the School Teachers to use various FOSS relevant at school level.  We hope that this small effort will soon snowball into a massive outreach and awareness drive across the nation.  Do support us in this.

Nancy Varkey
07-05-15, 5:46 p.m. nancy

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