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Add Layer at WM(T)s layer
I am using latets version of QGIS 3.18 and after pasting thematic map layer URL of Karnataka from Bhuvan portal when i click connect on WMS/WMTS dailogue box it shows me Failed to download capabilities: Network access is disabled.

QGIS Importing-Spreadsheets 10-11 min 30-40 sec 11-07-19, 7:36 p.m. manuj.sharma



The message suggests that your internet connection was down during the process of downloading the map from the Bhuvan portal.
Continuous working internet connection is required for the download process. Please check your internet connection.

A suggestion,  please download and install the long term release stable version QGIS 3.4 (Madeira) or older version 2.18
12-07-19, 10:40 a.m. snehalathak

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