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Getting error
Sir which foot print I hv 2 select for lm555n. I hv selected THT:T0-220-3_vertical but I m getting error during read current netlist , shows component X1 pad 5 not found in footprint

eSim Setting-Parameters-for-PCB-designing 02-03 min 40-50 sec 09-07-19, 5:53 a.m. vivekmishra.ei


T0-220-3_Vertical is only suitable for transistors.
For LM555N, which is an 8 pin IC, kindly select the Housings_DIP:DIP-8_W7.62mm footprint. It is listed in the Housings_DIP set of footprint library.
Please follow these steps:
Open the schematic >> Go to Cvpcb >> Assign the above listed footprint to LM555N >> SAVE THE NEW ASSOCIATION >> Generate the .NET FILE >> open Pcbnew >> READ THE .NET NETLIST again.
By doing above steps, you will get the 555 IC's footprint on the layout screen.
09-07-19, 9:31 a.m.

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