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Respected sir/madam,
Greetings.I am k.karthik,Asst. Professor from PSYEC,Sivagangai.My question is "Is it possible for an organizer or other faculty member to attend workshop,take online test and receive certificate?".

Thanks & Regards,

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Dear Mr. K. Karthik, this is with respect to your query, Its possible for an organiser or any faculty member to attend workshop/ training by incorporating the organiser's name or interested faculty member's name in the participant's list (for availing learner's certificate) and physically he/she can be present and practice the tutorial during the training to conduct in your lab practical hours. Similarly organiser or that interested faculty can register and take the particular online test too and once qualify, he/she will avail respective certificate too. Hope I have cleared your doubt.

A request: This query being non-technical and if you have any further doubt on this query, you can clear your doubts by contacting your State's Spoken tutorial Coordinator but if there is any other technical query/issues you face with audio - video tutorial, you may use the forum.

Thanks and Regards
Jessie Velusamy
07-01-15, 11:48 a.m. eloinjess
Thank you sir.
07-01-15, 1:38 p.m. psyec_ece_org

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