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About getting real image into scilab using webcam.
Dear sir/madam,
I am akhilesh patil, from VNIT nagpur. I was working on scilab Image and video processing toolbox by atoms. But when I\\r\\n am executing following commands I am getting error message as follows:

command :
c = camopen();


-->d = avireadframe(c);
Warning: No frame.

it shows blank image
so , can you suggest some solution for why I am not getting frame over webcam??
here I have also defined stacksize to maximum so no issue of it.
\\r\\n Then I thought about to check my webcam's input video format by other windows application. And I found it saves it in MP4 format.
as per my\\r\\n knowledge scilab can process only AVI files, doesnt it sir ??? so is there any need to do something on webcam input format (in AVI) so that scilab can recognize it and can get a frame ?? and if it is how can we \\r\\ndo it ?
And being open , and new software there is no solution still available on web as per my knowledge , please tell me something about it..

Scilab General None min None sec 01-07-14, 12:42 p.m. akhileshpatilvnit


How do you wish to use your webcam video?Do you want to feed live webcam video to scilab or would like convert to the webcam video to .avi format and Then upload it?
03-07-14, 2:13 p.m. Bhavani.jalkrish
I want to feed live webcam video in scilab
04-07-14, 1:01 p.m. akhileshpatilvnit
Hey there,Can you change the webcam settings? If so,please change the webcam's internal settings so that the live feed is in avi format.
07-07-14, 2:40 p.m. Bhavani.jalkrish

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