saving . . . saved how to crteate two blocks and connect between them. has been deleted. how to crteate two blocks and connect between them. has been hidden .
how to crteate two blocks and connect between them.
  I want to create two blocks and connect between them such that the second block's inputs are the first block's outputs,
can anyone help me, please?

thank you

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Communicating data between objects/blocks can be achieved by use of connector classes. Connector classes are kind of ports. Note that there are no equations allowed in the definition of connector classes.

Please refer to the book "Modelica by Example" to learn more about how to create and define a connector in Modelica.
01-05-19, 1:01 p.m. priyamnayak
thank you for your answer it was helpful,
  so I want to learn how to use RealInput and RealOutput connectors, for attributing parmeters inputs and outputs of the block as they did the authors of the article, which I put the link below, I wonder how they created a block and they used the equation inside block and also they used the connectors RealIput and RealOutput to define block inputs and outputs (in page 4 exactly of the paper)
 I will be greatful if you could tell me what are the steps to follow to achieve this block

<a href="" target="" title="Acausal_Modelling_and_Dynamic_Simulation_of_the Standalone Wind-Solar Plant using Modelica">Acausal_Modelling_and_Dynamic_Simulation_of_the Standalone Wind-Solar Plant using Modelica</a>
01-05-19, 9:22 p.m. Abderezak

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Kindly go through the OpenModelica Connectors tutorial.
01-05-19, 1:06 p.m. kaushikdatta

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