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Hello sir 
how to download spoken tutorial on machines for future offline use ?
Is it possible to make folder of all audios of one language in one folder?

What-is-Spoken-Tutorial General None min None sec 27-04-19, 5:06 p.m. varshapatil


Hello Varsha,

To download spoken tutorials on your machine for offline use, pls visit this link.

Here you have to choose the
FOSS Category:

Then click on Add selected FOSSbutton. The approximate file size will be displayed on the right. If you have that much space on your machine, click on the Create ZIP file button. When done, a link will appear below the right hand size table. Click on that link to download the zip file onto your machine.

Unzip the file and locateindex.html file. Open this file with Firefox or Google Chrome browser. You will see a video called Side-by-Side learning. Watch this video to know how to learn using Spoken Tutorials. After that, click on the FOSS and Language drop-downs to select your preferred series for learning.

01-05-19, 12:34 p.m. nancy

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