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About CSV
Teacher has to upload CSV file.. while enrolling the student...What is CSV file exactly?

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CSV stands for Comma Separated Value.   You can bulk upload students and enroll them.
However, this is a site administrator or site managers function.  A teacher may not be able to be able to do it.
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A CSV file is a format of an XL document which we create in Microsoft-Excel (or any office spreadsheet application). It has an extension of .csv, meaning if your XL file is named as moodle-details, it is saved as moodle-details.csv.

It is called so because, all the values in the cells you filled in Microsoft-Excel are stored and separated from each other using commas. So, a typical CSV file if opened in Notepad would look like this:

The same CSV file, if opened in MS-XL would look like this:

19-05-20, 12:08 p.m. darshankhot

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