saving . . . saved simulation in NgSpice has been deleted. simulation in NgSpice has been hidden .
simulation in NgSpice
We could not plot in NgSpice window.Please clearify the steps for it. The message coming in the window is given below.

Oscad Schematic-Creation-and-Simulation 00-01 min 0-10 sec 17-03-16, 10:50 a.m. anindita1980


Dear anindita1980,

Please Download the updated version of eSim from given website and there are many examples are updated in Example folder for your reference. We have also included the plots in updated version of eSim in eSim_Plots just connect it and do remaining steps.

If you are still not getting the output, then paste the netlist from .cir.out file here, we will solve the problem.

17-03-16, 12:11 p.m. Gaurav_Supal

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